Issue with SSL

Username epiz_30751224 or Website URL

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Error Message HTTPS not showing i.e. pad lock not visible

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I Installed InfinityFree SSL using the Private Key and Certificate and its showing Valid SSL certificate installed but still on browser its not showing up
You you let me know what is missing so that i can correct it

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Did you use the Self Signed certificate? Are you using Cloudflare?

Due to this??

Follow instructions here


No i am not using cloudflare as cloudflare many time gives error in free plan

Do you think using cloudflare will resolve the issue but the SSL is showing valid inside the control panel of infinity free …
Cant this CA be changed by us instead of InfinityFree Self Signed CA

You can use lets encrypt then.

But that is for just 90 days

Yes you can renew.

CF plus self-sign (no need to renew cert for 10 years)


But what is the use of 10 years when the SSL is not working

I have tried it and added cname record too hope it works

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Since you are already using self-signed cert, using CF is the best way to make SSL work since you do not want to renew every 90 days. Provided you follow instructions, of course…


Hey there @Anuj1979!

Self signed certificates (Like the one on your website right now) are not trusted by web browsers, as there is not a reputable security company that created them.

Certificates from GoGetSSL and LetsEncrypt are trusted by the browser, since they are from trusted security firms.

If you want to use Self-signed, that’s ok! You will just need to add Cloudflare onto your website, since it is a reputable security source that your browser trusts.


I added cloudflare it shows active but still not showing on browser showing not secure

Cloud flare is still showing unsecure although CF says its enabled i tried flexible , full all options

I hope your cloudflare SSL seeting is not set to FLEXIBLE

Can you wait? Not everything will happen instantly. More haste —> less pace

No its FULL

Sure i am waiting … lets see after few hours

Much longer than that. I believe you need to wait for CF to issue cert for your domain first.
Not only that, are the CF nameservers verified yet???