Is using a self signed certificate over an .ml domain harm my SEO experience?

Username (epiz_31624071)

Does using a self signed certificate harm my SEO experience? Does it prevent my website from showing in google search?
I have hosted this website before :, you can only see it in google search through, but if you try to find it through keywoards, or by website title, it doesn’t show.

Using a Self-Signed certificate will not harm your SEO, but it may confuse/worry your users. It is better for you to either:

  1. get a trusted certificate from GoGetSSL, ZeroSSL, or Let’s Encrypt or
  2. use Cloudflare with Strict SSL/TLS settings. If you choose to do this, you can keep the self-signed cert.

You should also add your website to Google Search Console. It will increase the chances of your website coming up in search results.

Any fix?

Use a sitemap generator to generate a sitemap and upload it to so the url would be /sitemap.xml.


You need to enter a full URL, not a path


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