Is there a way to disable this subdomain thing?

Hey there. I own a domain which i specified above, and on it there are few subdomains, but thing that caught my attention is when my friend misspelled the subdomain and it shows him this (Image below)

Upon my further research, this happens to any subdomain that i didn’t made, for example if I made, I would have full control over it, but anything else that I didn’t made makes that page. In case if you are confused heres what I want to clarify:

Subdomains I own are: subdomain1, subdomain2, subdomain3. Nothing else,
BUT if you added subdomain4 to my domain it would redirect you to that page. This is being an issue to me since the community for my site and sites like mine this just shows bad rep, especially when it comes to scams such as “Games to Win Real Money”, don’t even try, you won’t convince me that it actually works. Is there a way to disable this?

If you are using CloudFlare then you need to set up Wildcard DNS records for this:


I mean you can claim all those subdomains as your own if you wish, but otherwise there is no solution to remove that page, especially if you don’t own the domain.


I do own a domain. And you basically told me to claim every possible subdomain and that you, as a moderator, can not do anything to remove that page or at least help me to stop it???

What do you expect? This is free hosting.
The moderator’s job is to moderate this forum, not attending to your beck and call
You are expected to do it yourself.

Ziverre had provided a way to work around this issue.
So please do it


Just cause it’s free hosting, doesn’t mean that a moderator whos there to help needs to do nothing, and Ziverre’s way is for cloudflare which is not my dns provider.

Now after your edit, I apologize for making a misunderstanding.

Well then you can just add the site to Cloudflare, and make sure that only the subdomains you want resolve:


Thank you.


No worries.

You can still do it. Just follow this guide.


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