Is it Possible to use domains on InfinityFree without changing Nameservers . I.e. CNAME Records

Hello Everybody,
I am curious to know why or how can I use my domain with CNAME records instead of changing NS records. If not then why CNAME cant be used .

To create your account or connect your domain, you must set the nameservers. After you have connected, you may use an A record to show your site. There is no way to setup the account without changing nameservers however.

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But then you can use Cloudflare DNS:

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Nevermind, I saw what @Greenreader9 said about the A records.

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I like your blog :cupcake: here :eyes:

Even If its possible with A records , I saw that post but its still not working @Greenreader9

Make sure to wait up to 72 hours for DNS to propagate!

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