Is it OK to create a live streaming site (not hosted on IF at all)?

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upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that is of broadcast / streaming types.

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So, I have a live TV site (which uses a Samsung TV+ m3u8) and it is not hosted on InfinityFree. I will be using the CNAME and redirects VP tools, however. The site will be hosted on Replit and it is a static site. Is this OK? The ToS isn’t very clear (yes, I actually read those sometimes.)


If the steaming/broadcasting material is not hosted here, you should be fine. Just using IF to redirect a URL should be OK.

The best way to do this would be to buy a custom domain name and point its nameservers to Cloudflare, then use Cloudflare to set the CNAME record. That way, the streaming site won’t have a direct affiliation with InfinityFree. (And you can still use the domain name here).

That’s really good! Props to you


Technically, it should be fine, seeing how the streams are not hosted here.

However, depending on what you mean by “live TV streaming site”, it might be illegal. You generally are not allowed to redistribute live TV broadcasts, and many shows and other TV content are licensed in such as way that redistribution is not legal.

And if we find out you’re illegally re-streaming TV content and sharing it on a site hosted here, we will take down your site, even if the content being shared is not hosted by us.


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