IPv6 Support?

Hi all,
What do you think about future IPv6 support with InfinityFree/MOFH? Do you think it will ever happen or is it too hard to implement? And what would it be like having IPv6 Support?, I’m just interested if it will ever happen as everyone says, ‘IPv6 Is the future’, and personally, I use it for small testing applications.

I mean ive never properly used IPv6 so I can’t really comment on that one. Most of the time I use IPv4 as that is what the InfinityFree Hosting is.

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Yeah, When I need to access Ipv6 I just use a proxy

People have said “IPv6 is the future” for about two decades now. It was “the future” 20 years ago and is “the future” now. When is the future? Nobody knows. But it’s not today.

Implementing IPv6 can be tricky because of compatibility problems with the longer addresses, different firewalling/vhost setup, different subnet routing, IP allocation, different packet formats, and so on.

And IPv6 has an unfortunate chicken and egg problem. Hosting providers don’t implement is because ISPs often don’t support it. And ISPs don’t implement IPv6 because most online services don’t support it. “But we’re running out of IPv4 addresses” is something people have said for decades now, yet still IPv6 is not gaining that much traction.

IPv6 support will probably have to be added at some point in the future. I haven’t discussed this with iFastNet yet, so I can only guess their ideas and motivations. But my guess is that they’re putting off implementing IPv6 due to the same chicken and egg problem, and they want to invest their effort into things with more obvious customer benefit.


Yeah, There is still loads of IPv4 in the pool, only Ripe appear to have run out, Thankyou for your response :slight_smile:

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