IP address for ns1.epizy.com to Host my Subdomain Name on your Web Hosting from current host


i search for this question and find below topic
How to Host Subdomain Name on Different Web Hosting
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Jun '18
How to Host Sub-domain Name on** Different Web Hosting**

Jun '18
@Atiq_ur_rehman said:
How to Host Sub-domain Name on** Different Web Hosting**

I can’t clearly understand what’s your problem is.

I’m assuming you want your subdomain or your subdomain to be hosted on different hosting.
But sadly you can’t do this, your subdomains (sub.yourdomain.tlf) will follow your main primary domain (yourdomain.tld).
So if your nameservers for your main primary domain points to InfinityFree, then your subdomain will also point to IF.

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Jun '18
You can set up a CNAME record which points to a domain name with the same IP address of the other hosting server.
Now I want to ask you guide me more and give me IP address for nameserver ns1.epizy dot com and ns2.epizy dot com. to put it in my current host; I tried below IP but it didn’t work;

thanks for helping me

Not possible, it will not work this way. You need to do this


thanks dear @KangJL but

I saw this article before but

I set my main domain(OPRTco.com) for another cPlan host; and I want to have a subdomain (sample.OPRTco.com) set with InfinityFree nameservers;
I read some article about that and I just need DNS nameserver IP to set.

Unfortunately you cannot do that here

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You can set NS record for your subdomain pointing to infinityfree nameservers. It works for me when using with CF. See one of my topic:


solution: put ns1.epizy.com/ CNAME of main domain in first host.

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