Instant blocking of all accounts



I uploading a ready-made script for my website

At some point FTP stops working. And then go to the control panel and I see that all three of my accounts are blocked… For what?

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I didn’t know whether it’s a permanent suspension or not, but since you said all of them get blocked, I suppose it was a permanent suspension.

Because if all of your accounts got blocked at the same time, it would usually because of a serious violation of the ToS.

However, as you might see in the Client Area, it said “Submit a support ticket”. Not “Post on the forum”.
Only the suppory staff would know why your account is suspended, and posting on the forum will not provide you with any useful info.


The answer killed me, go buy premium, they don’t give you access to files to delete files that violate the rules, funny…

They told me to look for another provider when asked to delete files from that folder, funny

You violated the terms, and shown in the screenshot.

If you can’t respect the rules, we don’t want to host your site. Go find another provider and make sure to read their terms before using their services.


Nulled / illegal software was uploaded to

Pirated software is prohibited on premium hosting too. But the tickets always include premium hosting ads, it’s not a specific recommendation to you for your situation.

And yes, the account review people may decide that your account is being used exclusively for harmful purposes and will not be reactivated.

That doesn’t mean your other accounts are not eligible for reactivation. Account reviews are per account, not all accounts together.


I understand it

And I want to correct myself and remove this software from the site and start using something from the script installer that cooperates with your hosting

But you just don’t even give a chance

Note that even admin don’t have the power to unblock you, you have to contact ifastnet … and if they can unblock it… otherwise try other providers…


You broke the rules and did something you should have known would be at the very least questionable. And we have the right to terminate your service if you break the rules.

And apparently, the account review team decided that termination was the best course of action for your account.

There is not a lot I can do for you about this.


That’s interesting. I once added a script to my website not knowing it was against terms and they were kind enough to let me back in to delete the file.

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