Hits Limit Suspension

i got the same thing its says hit limit too high

Please don’t hijack other’s posts. If you have an issue, create a new topic, especially when your issue is apparently different than the OP’s.

As for the hit limit, you can see it here.


ok im sorry but i didnt do anything that could make it high

According to our records, your website received over 4 million hits this months, which is well over the limits.

Unfortunately, we don’t store the actual access logs to see exactly what traffic triggered this behavior, or verify whether the counters are accurate. All we have is the hits counters themselves.

Please note that getting a lot of traffic doesn’t mean that you did something, it could also be someone or something else causing this, which may be completely unrelated to what you did. But even if you didn’t cause this, the traffic was still there, and we had to dedicate too much server power to handle it. So that’s why we cannot host your website anymore on free hosting.


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