Inodes not clearing?

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Error Message

|Response:|220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------|
|Response:|220-You are user number 646 of 6900 allowed.|
|Response:|220-Local time is now 09:30. Server port: 21.|
|Response:|220-This is a private system - No anonymous login|
|Response:|220 You will be disconnected after 60 seconds of inactivity.|
|Command:|USER epiz_32578370|
|Response:|331 User epiz_32578370 OK. Password required|
|Command:|PASS ************|
|Response:|230-Your bandwidth usage is restricted|
|Response:|230 OK. Current restricted directory is /|
|Command:|OPTS UTF8 ON|
|Response:|200 OK, UTF-8 enabled|
|Status:|Starting upload of C:\Users\Keith\Documents\Web Sites\LynValleyMission\|
|Command:|CWD /htdocs|
|Response:|250 OK. Current directory is /htdocs|
|Command:|TYPE I|
|Response:|200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary|
|Response:|227 Entering Passive Mode (185,27,134,11,48,184)|
|Response:|553 Can’t open that file: Disk quota exceeded|
|Error:|Critical file transfer error|
|Response:|421 Timeout - try typing a little faster next time|
|Error:|Connection closed by server|

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Other Information

I cannot upload files. I thought I was using to many inodes but I deleted some files and left it for two days but I still cannot upload a configuration.php to get the site running again, (even if I rename it to My disk quota is nowhere near full.
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How big is the file?


Tiny, 2,209 bytes

This is the statistics report

.zip files may be automatically deleted, extract the files inside and upload then individually


Have you noticed the “Inodes Used” statistic?
Your disk may not be full, but your inodes near are.

Since the counter is updated every 8 hours, there’s a chance you may have unknowingly hit it, in which case being unable to upload files would make sense:


Yes but as I said this is what I thought, I deleted a few files and I have waited two days and it hasn’t changed

Its OK I have deleted some more files and now it is working! Still says 99% inodes used!

inodes value displayed is not updated in real time

i think its updated once every 24 hours or something like that

check the updated value tomorrow :+1:


Please note that the limit is 30,000 files, and your account is almost at the limit. If you want to be able to upload new stuff, you’ll need to delete quite a bit more than “a few” files. You’ll need to delete thousands to make a dent.

Cleaning out some temporary files isn’t going to cut it.


Thanks a lot for your help. I haven’t actually got much on the site yet just the bare bones. It is my first Joomla site and there sure is a lot of files in Joomla. If this is the case it may not be practical to have a Joomla site on free hosting. I still have tons of free disk space. It is working again now after deleting temporay plugins etc that get left after the installation so I will see how it goes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A little check on the base Joomla 5.0.1 package tells me that a base Joomla installation is around 12k inodes. Which is quite a lot, but it means that 30k inodes should be enough to host a (single) Joomla site.


Hi Admin,
Yes, I only need one small site just church info and a calendar for service times etc.Thank you very much for that info it’s very helpful and potentially helpful to others on this forum. :+1:

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