Inodes at max level, cant do anything

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so, every time I want to install a app I get the error : It appears your account has fully used it’s inode allocation, you will need to delete files to reduce inodes before the script installer will work, or upgrade to premium hosting where we offer over 400,000 inodes !
But I dont get where do I get so much inodes? Do I have to much files? well i did 4 cleanups and no update, the same bugged ammount of 100 % (47994 of 30019), even if i have 4751 MB Disk free. I haven’t used this hosting yet because of this bug.

Please note the counter only updates once or twice every 24 hours. This means you won’t be able to perform any file operations or install any software until it resets.


If your account has reached the inode limit, then many hosting features will no longer work correctly. This includes Softaculous.

The inode counter counts the total number of files and directories of your account. If you need to reduce your inode usage, you’ll have to remove files and directories from your account. You can read more about the limit here:

While both Disk Usage and Inode Usage relate to the files stored on your account, they are different metrics that count different things. So inode usage being high while disk usage is not is perfectly normal if you have a large number of small files.

I ran a script to get a live counter of the number of files in your account. The resulting count I got was around 41,000 files. That’s just the files, not directories, so the entire inode count being 48,000 seems accurate.

To fix this issue, you need to DRASTICALLY reduce the number of files in your account. You’d need to delete about half of the files of your site.

Looking at the directory structure of your site, the issue seems to arise from Prestashop itself having a pretty large Composer vendor folder, and many of the dozens of addon modules you have on it have their own Composer folders too, resulting in a large amount of duplicate code. But that’s hard to fix without breaking the site.

So I’m afraid your website is just too big for a free hosting account. The number of files in it is just too high.

There is no bug. The inode counter is accurate, you’ve grossly exceeded the inode limit and your account is being impacted as expected.


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