Infinityfree using HumHub | Cron Job not working

Account Name (epiz_32678825)

Other Information

Website using Softaculous app installer then Using HumHub

Cron Job setup (via infinityapp website):

(Both are returning status code 200 and message OK)
(Top is cron/run and bottom is queue/run)

HumHub cron info:


HumHub cron job documentation URL

If more information is need please let me know thanks
Idk even know if something like this is possible lol

:slight_smile: Thank you for looking and possibly helping :smiley:


It’s a new feature, so it is entirely possible that something is not working correctly.

However, it is also possible that it is running and you just cannot tell. Can you please share your reasoning as to why it is not working?



Honestly I’m not to sure this is all new to me… There are no errors.
According to HumHub there are item’s in the queue but it’s not running so I’m sorry I’m not sure

The infinity free web dashboard says that both of those jobs are Status “200” message “OK”

Once again sorry but Idk much about this stuff just wanted to attempt it

Thank you
~ ScrapBlox (Alec)

Sorry for double posting but I can’t edit post but anyway…

On the main page of HumHub it says
(Docs can be found above. | I set the cronjobs in infinityfree dashboard and now in cpanel.)

~ ScrapBlox (Alec)

Not sure if this still apply…


Looking at the documentation, it seems HumHub has cron jobs that need to be executed as system commands. This is what they say the cron job should be:

However, our cron jobs are web cron jobs. They work by opening a URL, not by executing a system command.

I don’t know what you ended up entering in the URL field, but I can guarantee you that you won’t be able to set up the cron jobs in the way HumHub tells you to.

The Yii framework that HumHub seems to be built on may provide some ways to work around this, but hacking the HumHub source code may not be a sustainable solution.


I found a work around for the “Server Command” cron jobs… You’ll need this add on (Modules) called “Cron Daemon

You then will want to Activate then visit the Module config page. As that page explains you’ll want to use a third party website to call theses cron URL’s the module recomended

My config for the third party site:
(Url’s are described based on the last piece of it)
Run queue URL: Every 1min
Run Cron URL: Every 5mins

Not sure if this will help everyone but this is how I was able to solve this issue
Thank you to everyone who helped me and alerted me that Infinity free uses URL and not server commands

Yes, that Cron Daemon module should do the job perfectly!

You can use that with our cron jobs too, no need to use a third party service for that.


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