Infinityfree needs reseller hosting

infinityfree should create their own free reseller hosting

We don’t have it, nor do we have the permission to do it. MyOwnFreeHost has the free reseller hosting, managed by iFastNet, and we are one of the hosting resellers on this platform.


i configured everything but i dont get the email with details so i hate that

Wait some time, and go in the “Spam” folder if you don’t receive the email.

5 days passed already
and it is not in the spam folder

site works but i have no admin account or anything

Then AwardSpace Free Reseller Hosting is the choice for you!

already using resellercluster but i want to give a fully free hosting

btw if i could reset the admin pass for myownfreehost it would be great

Then no options available but those two. We don’t, and will not, provide free reseller hosting for you all, unless you run your own hosting servers or run the hosting with a VPS server and a free panel.

i just want to reset the pass for myownfreehost ftm but i dont know admin username


oof removed quoting

can you please help me reset password

You can put the email you used for the registration if you don’t remember the username to get on MyOwnFreeHost.

username:my mail
mail:my mail

it doesnt work

what 2 do

Have you tried to login to the Reseller Panel and do what you want to do?

i cant