Infinity free plan is an utter joke.. Shut it down please!

So I just discovered this hosting through google. Spent hours trying to restore backup for my wordpress site through updatedraft (which i had to install through ftp) then discovered that php execution time is 20 seconds so its impossible. Then I was like that’s ok maybe the 20 seconds is for security/high cpu load reasons. I sweat my ass and manually uploaded my website files through ftp, setup a database… I run my webpages to find out that they take ages to load.

I cant even activate or install cache plugins like any regular webhosting. OMG!! What a horrible experience for someone experienced to go through. Even the ssl was a pain in the ass the one can not even setup an external ssl except an awful

Why do you lie to people? Unlimited hosting, unlimited traffic? When I first saw the logo I thought I was the right host but … WOW! God aweful!! You made me so angry that I’m going to google tweeter and youtube to relate this horrific experience and give as many bad review as i can.

Hi there, InfinityFree does have it’s ups and downs, but you can’t expect it to be perfect everytime. A reason for your long loading time maybe something to do with something called “DNS Propagation” where your domain/subdomain may not be visible to everyone, including yourself. Another reason maybe with your internet connection. My final reason is lockdown, nobody can really do anything so there would be a lot of high traffic everywhere on the internet. That’s your opinion. Most of the people on these forums enjoy InfinityFree because you get more freedom than any other free web host.


DNS propagation? Slow internet? Are you serious? I tell you that I can access my site, static files and image load; it’s the webpages that take forvever to load… It’s enough that you guys hide and lie about many things then you reply to me with another lie. Just say sorry for the horrible free plan and move on as it’s not your fault you just try to help people with technical issues.

I know which people you’re talking about those with static html pages and beginners practicing php/mysql. @Admin Wake up and fix your free plan or shut it down. your free plan quality stinks so hard… I have never been so mad and salty about a service in my life like this one.

I’ve hosted php/mysql in my site and its speed is nornal (unless my internet is glitchy)

And if you think we lie, then you can give us proofs.
And there aren’t much ppl that they’re mad on this hosting, meaning it’s your opinion only.


@PixelDevStuff is just a client here just like you but he appreciates the free hosting because of his own reasons so I don’t see why he should be lying if he’s just a happy client using this hosting. In fact it’s his testament and review that this hosting is ok and he’s not lying to cover up this company. Also all of us here except the Admin are clients, even the Mods are clients using this hosting themselves and before they became Mods, they enjoyed the free hosting available and decided to help the community and here they are now they became Mods and a Client at the same time (And ofc this opinion does not represent the mods directly, they have their own stories to tell).

Also even myself I’m just a client here and I appreciate using this free hosting, it’s absolutely enough for me. Remember you get what you paid for.


@gregstein everyone will have a different experience with free hosting depending on their website. I have a very simple website and it serves me fine. I’ve used other free plans and none came close with features and required a login to CP every 30 days to keep the account active.

you may just have to pay a monthly fee for the service/features you require.


@gregstein You can’t just expect that it’s perfect everytime, just be grateful that InfinityFree breaks the boundaries of regular free hosts. In my opinion I think InfinityFree is great. But your opinion is the opposite, so what? That’s your opinion and nobody has to listen to you. And why did you even bother to make a post saying to shut it down even though it’s “really bad”. If you don’t like it, then that’s your problem, and nobody else really cares about your opinion unless you’re someone like PewDiePie lol


I agree on some things, but whats easier, telling your ISP you want to start hosting and go through the hell hole called self hosting or have some downsides and have a active fourm that helps people with in days or even hours, but on the other hand self hosting is gonna make you have like 100 trillion Chrome tabs open trying to figure out why there is a error. Whats better? If you don’t like it Karen, then there’s paid hosting by iFastNet and many others to meet your needs.


I have never had problems with InfinityFree. Do you have experience with free hosting?

Proof you asked for and I’m speaking for those with small traffic blogs and sites :

  • Can’t install wordpress plugins from repo (only ftp install)
  • PHP execution time is 20 seconds ( rendering a website that uses a few plugins slow as turtle)
  • You can’t install external free ssl services (They force you to use a broken ssl tool or buy premium)
  • Many random 500x server errors (affecting SERPs significantly).
  • Slow FTP with 5 transfer limitation.
  • Extracting archive files even small ones of 20 mb through file manager take literally hours (potatoe cpu).
  • 4 options to change in php settings (wow!!!)
  • Get suspended for having a loop error or a bit of traffic.
  • ETC. These are the ones i had time to find

What pisses me off the eternal lie concluded in the word “Unlimited”. From start lay down limitation so others and I don’t waste time. I’m sorry for being salty af but I have to speak the truth.

This only goes for big plugins. The vast majority can be installed normally.

Making the big plugin installation work properly requires loosening some of the restrictions placed on free hosting accounts. But doing so will either overload the servers and slow everything down, or require us to throw much more server capacity at it, which jeopardizes the sustainability of free hosting. That some complex operations don’t work is the lesser evil here.

Please note that this is the execution time LIMIT, not the execution time itself. It means that scripts can take AT MOST 20 seconds to execute, they don’t take 20 seconds to execute by default.

Any website performance issue is not related to this.

Let’s Encrypt requires web verification or TXT record verification, neither of which are supported by the platform we use. That’s why we developed a tool which uses the CNAME records tool to work around it.

Is that the “broken” tool you’re referring to? If so, what’s “broken” about it according to you?

And if you’re basing this on the fact that some people are reporting issues here on the forum (more about that later), know that 99/100 times the issue is either bad configuration by the user or DNS propagation, neither of which we can fix from our end.

Admittedly, improving the clarify of error message and providing relevant instructions in such cases could help to reduce some of these reports. But “some people don’t know how to use it correctly” and “it’s not working correctly” are two very different things.

Which errors and where and when do you see them?

A subjective tautology.

Simply not true. What are you basing this on?

Have you tried building an FTP client which can extract and upload archives? Because I have. And let me tell you: FTP is really nasty for this and it’s impossible to make it fast.

cPanel’s file manager is better because cPanel runs everything on the same server, so cPanel’s file manager can extract files directly on the server. We (as is common with free hosting providers) have our file managers running over FTP, which bring some limitations like this. It’s basically impossible to optimize.

So which options would you like to see we add? Because to be honest, in the last few years we’ve provided this service, the only options I’ve seen people request are for the account restrictions to be increased, which we obviously can’t let you do. We don’t have more than 4 options, because nobody has ever requested for more options we could provide. You’re welcome to be the first!

But adding options for the sake of having lots of options is a waste of development effort.

When did this happen to you? Because I checked your accounts, and none of them have been suspended.

Or do you base this statement on the small number of people who complain about the suspensions on the forum or elsewhere? Because please note that the people who complain about suspensions are a very small sample of the total number of people whose account got suspended. And please consider that people who understand the reason their account was suspended, read and understood the information we provided, and followed the procedures we outlined, are typically not going to come here just to say “I’m sorry I did this to cause the suspension but thank you for guiding me through it so clearly”.

This is a support forum. If you use a list of (perceived) hosting issues and support questions to judge the quality of a service, any service with a support forum looks horrible.


I understand,maybe your account is suspended,maybe you can’t install a backup from updraft,really i understand you too, maybe ftp is realy slow (small files upload is slow because of delay),but this is FREE hosting what you want? higher CPU?maybe this show to you what your code is not optimizated,you have unlimited disk space for example on wordpress free host you just cant install plugins and you dont have cpanel or unlimited disk space what you want for 0$? You want more,buy, i understand you,and i want little more perfomance from cpu really little more because my account is rarely suspend but i optimize it at max) but where you find hosting for 0$ with disk space,cpanel,ftp etc.
One question what makes me not angry but it’s a really a disadvatage is why i cant create an email account,i know what is no longer suported because of the spam but let us to create max 1 account please! or let this feature for who is on this hosting for example 1 year.
In conclusion i say you what does not exist ultra good hosting with very high cpu unlimited space and etc for 0$

Reading your answers just confirms that Unlimited is more like “Unlimited Limitations”. You have two choices, Improve the quality limitation of freehosting or Be straight forward at the sign up page. That’s my only problem. Look at 000webhost for example at least they lay down all limitations at sign up page.

I believe you can do what other free hostings never did before; make free hosting as good as premium ones but enforce an adsense monetization rule where if a user has a legit site running with adsense you basically take 10-20% of their earning besides monetizing the panels and in-purchase goodies such as extra security, pagespeed, etc.

So yeah instead of copying what other freehosting used to claim unlimited. Be creative and make others copy you.

We provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth with a fair usage policy, as is the case with all hosting providers and plans show provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth. We do not provide fully unlimited hosting, nor did we ever intend to imply such a thing.

There are many, many limitations which they don’t list on their plans page. This is very obvious when looking at their forum.

This is the first topic they pinned on their forum. They have much more strict inode limits and MySQL restrictions than we do, and they also don’t list these on their plans page:

Additionally, 000webhost does things like advertising “Almost endless 300 MB disk space”. You could argue that they are honest because they have a hard disk usage cap, but also that they are misleading people by making it seem that the quite meager 300 MB disk space could be considered as good as “endless”.

I appreciate your confidence in our abilities, but I’m afraid they are a bit too optimistic.

Here are some of the issues I see with your idea:

  • The free hosting infrastructure is funded in large part by premium hosting sales. If we make free hosting as good as premium hosting, what incentive would people have to upgrade?
  • AdSense has quite harsh content requirements. On our own website and panel, we control the content so we can make sure it’s safe. On customer websites, this is much harder to do. Just installing AdSense ads everywhere would cause Google to catch on quickly and cut us off, and…
  • Manually reviewing websites to make sure they are safe would take way, way too much time, and doesn’t guarantee that people don’t add prohibited content later on.
  • Almost all free hosting providers don’t put ads (or claim to not put ads) on their customers’ websites. Many people would not accept free hosting with ads anymore, even if the provider claims it’s faster, more reliable and more powerful than all other free hosting.
  • Hybrid plans don’t work. If people pay money to a host, they expect premium quality, not free hosting with a few extra bits, not matter how hard you slap them in the face with this fact in the purchase procedure.
  • iFastNet’s premium hosting goes as low as $19.99 per year. Any hybrid plan would have to undercut this (because why else would you upgrade to premium hosting). And if you do that, then transaction fees and other overhead costs basically eat up all possible revenue.

I do sometimes look with envy at what providers like Heroku can do: a freemium service with quite expensive paid addons (compared to the price of a web hosting account). But with fully fledged premium hosting being comparatively cheap, applying this business model to web hosting is basically cheating people out of money by nickle-diming them with extras.

You wouldn’t believe how many people have tried to copy us already. Brands which carbon copy others don’t become one of the biggest free hosting brands in the world.

But we still provide a free website hosting service, and our service has many of the common characteristics of free web hosting services.


I was not expecting a fruitful discussion given the nature of this post so I am glad that someone like is running and managing this hosting service.

There are many , many limitations which they don’t list on their plans page
I am aware of that however the core performance services I never had problems installing any plugins or extracting zip files. And by running cache plugin such as wp-rocket my website never got suspended or shutdown. As you mentioned the only downside I faced later on was the disk space. (300 mb). Now I’m running my website completely static on github page (static files generated with wp2static plugin)

I appreciate your confidence in our abilities, but I’m afraid they are a bit too optimistic.

A vivid example in gaming industry is “Fortnite”, a free to play game. I feel that mentality and scheme of running services and selling them to only people that can pay is gone. Today it’s more like if you have a large base users the opportunities are higher.

As they say It’s a leap of faith, who’s going to take it? You or someone else?

Here are some of the issues I see with your idea

Run a partnership program like social blade with youtube to encourage positive content creation. That should encourage more users to join your network. More users more sponsors.

Anyways I wish everyone the best here and sorry for being too harsh.

To be honest, neither did I! After my first reply I thought “what have I done, engaging angry people just makes them more angry”. So I’m very happy you’ve come back here and are sharing some interesting suggestions!

Regarding the gaming industry, you’re absolutely right. Micro transactions are the way the industry is going, for better or for worse.

But this may not apply to other industries. I’ve worked as several SaaS companies, and they all basically went from “pick and mix, everything sold separately” pricing to a more simple bundle or user based structure. And it generally improved both sales and revenue, because people like to know beforehand what they are going to have to pay.

It’s not entirely clear where hosting sits. On one hand, you’ve got the big cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft, who sell everything separately. But they target everyone from individual developers to large enterprises. And especially that last group is not a group you can typically sell web hosting to.

We could opt for a similar model, but keep in mind that a fully featured premium hosting account can be found for as little as $5 per month. A single server at some of the big cloud providers already costs more than that.

So you’d have to charge tiny rates, like $0.10 for 1 GB of disk space and $0.50 per email account. You’re giving people choice, sure, but how much would they actually save? What would their benefit be except for save, maybe, a dollar per month or so?

I’ll gladly eat my hat if someone manages to make this business model successful with a product resembling traditional web hosting. But I just don’t see it happening.

I’m not sure what partnership you mean or how it works.

But I do know that there are AdSense partners already, who guide publisher to increase their ad revenue. But I also know that they tend to only work with larger publishers. They must have a good reason why they don’t work with small websites, wouldn’t they?

And InfinityFree is a web hosting company. We have don’t have the people or the expertise to help people increase ad revenue. And that’s ignoring the fact that Google doesn’t like free (sub)domains to begin with.


Everybody is not always perfect. unless they face with mistake. I don’t blame you guys! And despite from that i couldn’t get a free host without ya guys!

I’m not sure what partnership you mean or how it works.

Instead of monitizing youtube with Adsense, users that are accepted in your program can see monitize with Infinity, Inc. That’s how it works with I still remember they started small but now they are big with millions of partnered users.

Partnership program for users must usually have rules in that particular matter: No subdomains, Traffic requirement, Policies, etc.

Anyhow I wish you the best and sorry for being salty.

have a nice day,

It is very limited, that is why paid is available, I guess godaddy, namecheap or Heartinternet could be another option, obviously they are all paid.

Bro @gregstein if you don’t like it don’t use it, that’s up to you. And we don’t have to listen to you

“oH loOk i’M suPer popUlar aNd pEople wiLl liSten tO mE”

It’s your opinion and you’re really expecting a lot from a literal FREE host that doesn’t have that many limitations, for example, Wix forces you to use their crappy website builder and you get this

ty Admin for liking my first reply

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