Infinity free plan is an utter joke.. Shut it down please!

ty Admin for liking my first reply

I like it too <3

for example, Wix

No thanks Wix for blog for noobs like you. But appreciate the advice.

Please don’t insult, he just gave Wix as example, not forcing you to use it.


On top of that he didn’t even suggested/forced you to use Wix anyways. He showed you an example that InfinityFree is better and has more features and also has more freedom with what you can do with your site than using Wix which is much more limited especially that you can’t use your own custom domains and with a Wix branding.


i don’t need to explain myself @gregstein as it seems like the mods and other clients are very helpful

@gregstein namecheap has a promo for shared host $8.88/yr. Less than 75 cents per month is a bargain. you just have to be alert and renew each time they offer a promo or it jumps to $35/yr.

Please keep the discussion civilized, people.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I while the topic title is quite harsh, I think @gregstein actually contributed some great, constructive suggestions in later posts. So please stop the “don’t like it, don’t use it” bashing, you’ve made your point @PixelDevStuff and @WashYourHands.


@ WashYourHands Thank you friend but I’m hosting a static version of my wp site over github for free for now.

@Admin Very much appreciated for being respectful to my opinion. I may have been harsh and salty and I apologize for that and the fact that you have shown empathy it’s proof for your customer success mastery and sets an example for other hosting providers customer support that may potentially deny such freedom of expression. So again Thanks and sorry for being unprofessional.

I don’t mind keeping this post to look back at and laugh on how unprofessional and angry I was :rofl: but if you feel it could hurt your business feel free to remove it.

@ PixelDevStuff if you ever work for any company in the future then tell clients “dont need it dont use it” you’ll be fired overnight. If you read further we came into consensus and I apologized. That attitude you employed to address me was more harsh and salty than my post.

Remember clients and users reserve the rights to discuss and give feedback to the quality of service in whatever manner is fit to them. Yes I was unprofessional and angry about the quality of hosting but your attitude is no less professional than mine.

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