Infinity Free does not recognize my domain names

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

tijuanauñ, lindasuñas com, and bonitasuñas com

Error Message

Error The domain does not match the format of a domain name. A domain name should look like …

Other Information

These websites are from Godaddy, and GoDaddy shows them connected to Infinity Free’s servers. When ever I try to do anything with them, I get the error message. I want to host them on Infinity Free, but am getting nowhere.

It might be because of the special characters, so it doesn’t recognize it.

Thanks. I thought that might be the problem. Now to try and find a solution.

These are not supported


IDN domain support is a bit inconsistent. But it should be possible to host the domain here. Just make sure to enter it with the punycode notation. And be ready to experience some bugs.

You can use a conversion tool like this one to convert your domain from UTF-8 notation to punycode.


Thanks for your response.

I created the puncy code –
Then I attempted to create a new hosting account and recived this message - Error International domain names (with non-Latin characters) are not supported on free hosting.
I then added: Xn–vkc6a5bzb2en.. in front of it and received this Error The subdomain field is required.

You need to add the domain in the “Addon Domains” or “Parked Domains” section of the control panel.


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