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I am trying to host a personal portfolio site for graphics designer and the files are 10-15mb but the max upload limit is 10mb. how to increase it … or any other alternative?


Files smaller than 10MB are also useful for faster page loading as well as the overall impression of the visitor, of course, it also serves to reduce the effort that the server has to make,
because this is website hosting, it is not intended that one of your visitors, when they visit your page, will cost them 100+ MB of traffic

I don’t know what kind of files you have that are larger than 10MB, but if they are high-resolution images or even RAW you can reduce them to 4K and use some form of img compression
and for anything larger than that, use an external server like gdrive and the like in case someone really wants to download one of the larger files.


Thank you for the clarification

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thank you, i will try it


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