Incoming "beacons"

Is there a (easy) way to process incoming “beacon” messages?
I.e. generated / sent from other servers via javascript “sendBeacon()” .

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Follow this MDN Guide.


Yes sure, a superb API resource.
Yet how to deploy / set it up on server-side - i.e. within my infinity-free account?

Which category would you suggest ?

Sorry, you cannot host APIs here.

I’m sorry, but what exactly are you trying to do?

I have deployed a small javascript piece of code on a 3rd party site. It adds functionality to that other site.
I was wondering if I can collect some basic usage data, to show that on my webpage hosted here on infinity-free.

At the moment, I can collect these data points, but need to manually feed them into my infinitity-free hosted page. Wondering whether there is a way to automate bringing the data in - and sendBeacon() seemed like an option.

If it’s not, do you see an alternative supported by inifinity-free?

Thanks, js

Sure you could automate it! All you need is a server side application where you can send the data to, store it, and retrieve it to show on your page.

You can do this with PHP on our hosting and store the data in MySQL, which you can then show on your web page. Or you could host the data elsewhere and retrieve it over HTTP.

As for how to set that up, I don’t know. Maybe you build it yourself, maybe there are examples you can use, maybe there are ready to use software packages or services that just do what you need to do.

But a tip: if you’re going to search online, I would suggest searching for the thing you want to do with the beacons. Like web analytics. Beacons are just a way to send data from the browser to the server. What data is sent, when it’s sent, or what’s done with the data afterwards, is what makes all the difference.


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