Images not rendering

Hi it has been a long time since I am facing this problem. I have hosted my website here on infinity free. It is not a wordpress site but a html css site. I have uploaded my files in the file manager using c panel. My html and css is working fine but the images that I have uploaded in the site are not rendering at all. They just show the alt text. Also the site takes a lot of time to update itself. Like if I a make a change in my website it will take days to change itself. Please look into this problem and help me as soon as possible.

Hi! The images can’t be found that’s why it’s not rendering or showing. It’s either:

• the images are not uploaded successfully or
• there must be a typo in image links (probably not) or
• the images are uploaded yet it is located somewhere unintentionally

Could you be please check if there are /images/ folder in your website files uploaded?

Can you tell how big is the image file size? Ex: 1MB.

Your website is cached in your browser. Cache is like a copy of your site in your browser. Try clearing browser cache.

Also, if you want to see instant changes, you can add ?random-text here at the end of your website url and replace “random-text” with any text. Ex:


Check the image URL first!
Its showing 404 error !
So it is not retrieve and cause alt text!

Please use incognito mode or clear cache in your browser every time!!


OK wait let me try it!

Oh ok wait let me check it.

No sir I checked my online file manager. It only has a folder htdocs and inside that folder are the files I have uploaded.

This is the image of the contents inside the ht docs folder. My images are insided this folder. I have checked thte links in my code and they are all good and the images are showing fine in my pc. For your reference this is how i have linked the images in my hmtl code.

The images are in the images directory, not Images. Please note the capitalization. Our servers are case-sensitive, so this is why.


tried it cleared my browser cache and visisted my site but still the same no images. Could you check if they are visible to you.

Can you share a screenshot of inside the images directory?

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Yes sure here it is.

Your images folder starts with a capital ‘I’. Either change it to small, or change your links to use capital ‘I’. It should be same at both places. Both folder and code having small or capital ‘I’.


Try putting a / in front of all image srces. Ex: src="/images/user1.png"

@Niekon OP has already fixed that.


His folder name still has a capital ‘I’


wait let me change the folder name.

ok let me try this.

Thanks everyone involved in this discussion. My issue is finally fixed. I changed my folder name to lower case image and added / before img tags. Thanks a lot.

I also wanted to ask that do I need to clear my cache everytime I make a change and do my site users also need to clear their cache everytime I post something new?

If your index file has a .html extension, then the cache timeout is longer, meaning that your visitors may have to clear their cache. You may want to use PHP file for that reason.

However, if the visitor has never navigated to your site, they will not face any cache problems. This is also the same if they have never visited a new page, even if they have visited the home page.


Can I convert a html file to a php one?

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Just change the file extension!


oh really I will surely try it! Thanks wacky blackie and all other involved. Thanks this thread can be closed now.


If you want css files to update immediately, you can do something like:

<link href="css/style.css?v=43" rel="stylesheet" />

The ?v=43 causes your browser to fetch a new copy of style.css as it thinks the version has updated. You can use any random number in place of 43 everytime you update styles.


Oh ok thanks a lot Niekon! Your suggestions helped me a lot too. Would surely try this. Thanks a lot for your help overall. Really appreciate the efforts from you guys!