Images not rendering

Actually, that would only work if the file that holds that gets refreshed, otherwise, no difference.

This may also be helpful:


Ok I will try it thanks.

Hey I tried this but the design change is not visible until I clear browsing cache. Any other tip?

Please note that changing the caching headers only applies when browsers are retrieving a fresh copy of the page. If your browser still had an older version cached, it will keep using that until either the cache expires or the cache is cleared.

If you set the caching headers and cleared the cache, then any future changes should be visible immediately.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that adding cache headers will only solve the problem in the future. So you will have to clear the cache once, then the cache headers will take affect. The main reason I suggested it is so that you will not have to clear your cache as often during the development process, and visitors to your website will be able to see changes faster.


Oh ok thanks by the way niekons trick of adding ?v=43 worked well enough for me! By the way thanks for your help greenreader9! Thanks admin! See this is the power of a good forum with knowledgebale people! My sites images, ssl certificate and css nothing was working but now the images are visible, the ssl certificate is working and my cache problem is also solved just in a matter of hours! Thanks all for your support. My site is now up and working fully!


I use this trick in my index.php head section to echo the file creation time of my lovebug.css file so that whenever the css file is changed its automatically refreshed without having to alter the link manually

<link rel='stylesheet' href='/lovebug.css?<?php echo filemtime($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/lovebug.css"); ?>' />

Note that this will only work if the file calling it is also refreshed.

sorry i meant that any changes made to the css will show automatically when a user visits the site and the index.php loads

OK thanks all!

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