Images not displaying

I have the same issue, SLHIDE. Just images won’t display, although paths to images are correct. Even in developer options path can be seen but images are just not seen…

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Yes i see the path in the dev tool and it is the right one. I thought that the problem was the rw-r-r or rw-rw-rw thing but no

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yep. it was weird for me as in the morning and before lunch images did display, but after lunch the images weren’t displaying

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I see this

not this

Make sure you are grabbing files from the correct hosting account or hosting directory

yeah i am:) i just made a test and wrote a div on my website and it did update the website with the new div i just added. it’s just the problem that the images have its paths, but images won’t be displayed for some 3rd party reason.

You should see all the images that are in that directory right now

See the image. theres tons of images but i’m not sure why they’re not being displayed:/

Is there a directory in your hosting account?

yes it is

Go to . What did you see?

this, but i do not remember adding all these stuff and some were uploaded 2004. i started infinityfree this year i believe

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I guess you will have to wait for admin


What will he do? When will I be able to see my icons from my icons folder?:confused:

icons seems to be a reserved folder name; use another name for your folder and update your links, and your images should work.

You can verify this by taking a look at my test website’s icons folder which is identical to yours:


I tried creating another folder and adding one image and it did work. I didn’t know icons is reserved for this… it’s weird because today morning and before lunch it did work, but after lunch it did not…

Good catch!


I’m not sure if this is intended behavior, but this is how it currently works - having a look at an old topic, it seems to be related to the directory listing functionality:

According to that same topic the ability to override it used to be there, or if not override then add custom icons, maybe @lovebug who had a look into it back then could help us:

As an interesting sidenote, gives a 403 Access Denied message.


thanks again for both of you:) never knew icons is reserved. is there any name that is reserved for a specific task?

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I believe the only reserved words are icons, iconsx, and includes (this one is not web accessible). The former two are reserved symbolic links to the Apache icons.


To include chat, chats