Icons and iconsx directorys

although these two directorys are not usually on my (or anyone elses) infinity free website I have noticed that if you have directory listing enabled on a directory you’ll see the file names, times etc but also you’ll see small .gif images that represent the directory or file type and these images show as coming from my site https://lovebug.ml/iconsx/ https://lovebug.ml/icons/ and are possibly some kind of symbolic link ?

I noticed that some .gifs are missing like icons/binary.gif and show as a missing image if you have a file with a .bin extension so i’ve created a directory called icons on my own site and created the missing .gifs that I know of

I was wondering if you have a list of the .gif files used by your hosting for directory listings so I can check if any others are missing and make some replacements ?


The directory listing stuff is provided by iFastNet. I don’t know if it’s custom built or taken from somewhere else and I don’t know exactly how they integrated it.

no worries thanks

its nice that the server tries my local icons directory before falling back to the ifastnet original so if I come across a missing .gif as im uploading stuff i’ll create one there as needed


actually I had another thought ifastnet uses nginx if im not mistaken and I was wondering if its possible to completely restyle the directory listing with .htaccess, I kind of remember seeing some commands for header and footer once that allowed a custom head and css to change the look

is that possible with the infinityfree free hosting ?


I’m not sure if restyling the directory listing is possible, but you could upload your own PHP script which lists the files in the way you want.

I do wonder why you would want this though. We provide website hosting, not file hosting/sharing, so we’re not going to give you tools which are only used to turn our hosting into some kind of download directory.

I do respect infinity free rules and my site is not going to be a download site

the reason for this is that theres a couple of project on my site, one is almost complete and the other is still in progress and im just making the source code and a couple of test files available and just wanted to make it look pretty. all files are plain txt except the small test files

the directory is linked from my projects page https://lovebug.ml/?page=projects , click z80 disassembler then click the download button

I hope this isnt breaking any of the rules as it is real content


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