I want to remove all the domain & delete the account but domain got suspended without any reason

username: manankanani here & my Account is epiz_27534461
Now I had multiple domains & it created problem for me now I wants to start from new so want to delete all the domain & account with it but I am not able to do it. even while trying ig you guys suspend my domain that is manankanani.ga without informing me or providing any reasons for the same. I want my domain back online & if not possible just delete the account & free my domain from your hosting please.

Thank you.

Even tried to change the nameservers from registrars but still it’s not activating & url is still shhowing ifast suspend page

Have you seen this article already?

Changing your domain’s DNS away from our hosting makes it completely impossible for us to show what happens on your domain. However, due to DNS caching, it can take up to 72 hours for everyone to check your current DNS settings.

Deleting the domain, deactivating the account or deleting the account won’t fix this. Patience will.

Same if you’re switching to another account with us. Your new account may be all set up and ready to go, but if your browser is still connecting to the old server, you won’t be able to see your site until your computer decides it’s time to check the latest DNS settings.


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