I want to point a subdomain to an IP server

I want to point my subdomain (play.bullworthdaysrp.com) to the game’s IP which is (
The game is a samp server.
I want play.bullworthdaysrp.com to point to that ip, so players can also connect via the subdomain.

My domain is purchased from godaddy.

I’d like to mention that godaddy is preventing me from creating custom CNAME records because I have infinityfree’s nameservers connected to it.

So the only way to do it I think is from my cpanel’s CNAME records, right?

Help please!


Domain and subdomain are not hosted here.

You need to get support from relevant party (not here)

Generally you need to create A record to point subdomain to the IP that you want

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We only support CNAME records here, not A records. To use the CNAME records, you can add the CNAME records.

For A records, you will need Cloudflare


Yes, that’s right!

Normally you’d use an A record for this, not a CNAME record. But often you can make it work.

If you do a reverse lookup on the IP address, you’ll see it has the domain n25.ultra-h.com, and also that this domain links back to the IP address.

So if you set up a CNAME record pointing the play subdomain to the domain n25.ultra-h.com, it will work.

You don’t need Cloudflare, and you definitely should not try adding the domain as a subdomain to your account (only do that if you want to host the website with us).


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