I want to know where to set domain nameserver in infinityfree

Website URL : www.kenneth4ai.com

I want to know where to set domain nameserver in infinityfree.
I want to adjust settings.

You should do it from your domain registrar

I can not find the domain registrar option in the whole infinityfree site. Can you show me?




Thanks for your response! However I had been registered my domain in infinityfree service. And now I need to use the infinityfree service for domain nameserver setting. It seems nowhere to do so.

IF can only set MX and SPFrecord. Get premium hosting if you need more.
For free solution, how about using CloudFlare?
Below is the guide

I have already get the premium hosting in infinityfree. And I have changed the domain nameserver to infinityfree. But I forget where to do so. And now I need to adjust the settings.

You can’t change the nameservers on subdomains, because you can only use them with IF. What are you trying to do?

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Sorry but I’m having a hard time understanding you but if you want to actually set more stuff like TXT, MX, CNAME and a lot more records then you might be better off buying a domain instead of a subdomain (Domain ex: yourwebsitehere.tld) (Subdomain ex: yourwebsite.here.tld)

With a domain managed by GoDaddy or any other domain registering website you can pretty much add as much records as you want and even nameservers.

BUT it’s impossible to change the nameservers of a AnExampleWebsiteThatHopefullyNoOneWouldTake.rf.gd or any other subdomain because no one would like a hosting providers nameservers to change (why would anyone even have access to change everyones NS in the first place? that would be an unsecure internet i would never use).

But there is a website you can make a domain for free with a website called Freenom.com. Some people say they stink because of their banning system and support but as long as you don’t do something fishy then you are perfectly fine.

(for an example of something fishy i make domains for people and a lot of them want a domain and i ended up getting my account suspended due how many domains i make on an account so i think they have a limit when they come to this sort of thing)

Finally, I have found the register domain section, it is within the Go Premium section. And I have done my settings adjustment. Thank you for all your help!

Domain nameservers can be configured through your domain name provider. Nameservers cannot be configured through a hosting provider.

InfinityFree is not a domain provider.

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