I want to get my files on my site!

My site was suspended, I sent a ticket and said I wanted my files, but there was no response for a week. I want my files on my site.
Website username: epiz_31286294

That means you aren’t going to get your files back.

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But there it says contact us to get how this works.

Can you tell us why you were suspended?

I don’t know, it says because of the violation of the rules, but how many times I have said it, I did not do a violation, I sent a ticket, I sent an e-mail and I wrote to the forum. No one gave me a proper answer. I also say that if it does not open, give my site files. Look how many weeks I’ve been working on this, help me.

You avoided my question. I guess you were suspended for abuse.

That means that you will not get your files back.

I also encourage you to read the TOS again:

And then tell me why you were suspended (you can find examples in § 6 and § 10).


look how many tickets i sent but i got no reply

Please Read:

I guess if we can’t resolve this right now, we’ll have to wait for Admin’s intervention.

I’ve been waiting for two weeks, no response yet.

Can you screenshot the very beginning of that ticket? So your first message, and supports first reply.


No, the first message. As in the very first message that you sent to support.

This is the first post, I don’t understand what you are saying.

Please send the screenshot of the account in your client area (not the ticket page).

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First, you suspended my account unjustly, then you didn’t respond to the tickets, and now you’re saying that you won’t give the files. I have been using infinity with love until today, these things made me very sad.

Please help me moderator.

You shared this screenshot where you stayed that you have been asking for help for 5 days already.

Could you screenshot the first time you contacted support?

When Admin comes online, he will be able to provide additional info about the suspension.