I think I have a way of connecting domains to InfinityFree without changing nameservers

When I did a nameserver check I found out the IP address of the nameserver is [] (ns1.epizy.com) and [] (ns2.epizy.com). I haven’t tried it but I think it should work. The only thing I’m concerned is that I don’t know if we can add CNAME records with this configuration.

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no - you need to add the nameservers to see your IP but then you can remove it.


I’m sorry, but what should work?

Note that the IP addresses of our nameservers are just that: the IP addresses of our nameservers. Those IP addresses don’t host your website. And if you just point your domain name to the IP address your hosting account is on, then it also won’t work because the server doesn’t know the domain so it doesn’t know which account it’s associated to.


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