I need help signing to my FTP account


I just signed up and cannot log in via ftp client.

I followed all instructions under FTP login in the KB section

ftp.epizy.com or
User Name:epiz_34090568!

But still keep getting

Unable to login.
This is usually due to an incorrect username or password. Please check both for accuracy including whether or not Caps Lock is accidently enabled. If this error persists, check with your system administrator or hosting provider.

Pls help


That can’t be right, as infinityfree.net subdomains are not offered and the site doesn’t work. Perhaps you meant http://pksbookmarks.infinityfreeapp.com/?

In any case:

It is generally recommended to use ftpupload.net first and then try those if that fails, but it shouldn’t matter here.

If you have entered the username exactly like this, this is likely the issue. There is an exclamation mark ! next to your username that shouldn’t be there. Use your username without it, so epiz_34090568.

If after doing that it still fails, you might need to check your credentials.


This is obviously wrong


Yep all good now. Thanks.

Had to remove ! from my username and use the auto generated ftp password.

I thought I created my own.



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