I just added cname record and destination what time need


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i just added cname record and destination what time need

What are the CNAME records for? You should be adding them in the control panel (I don’t think there is a TTL setting there) or in Cloudflare (Where auto should be used if you are unsure). Please fill out the template better next time and give a bit more detail.

i mean for ssl i request go get ssl for subdomain(igo.wogteam.xyz) and its still pending

Make sure there are no extra spaces, and that you copied it exactly.

yes i have no spaces but its still pending

Is either page being automatically translated?

I checked your account and I see you’ve tried to add the CNAME records in two different ways. Unfortunately, both of them are incorrect.

Please make sure that the record name and domain name in the client area match exactly what you’re entering in the control panel.

Don’t manually cut pieces off the values because you think they are not necessary, and don’t select other domain names because you believe those are the right ones to use. A lot of care was put in making sure the values in the client area are exactly what you need to enter in the control panel.

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ser i appolygyze i issued my problem please check and activate ssl

yes i use wordpress is that bad?

That is done automatically once you enter the records correctly.

Depending on how you use it. See this topic:

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i dont use dont needable plugins so

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