The Best tips to avoid 24 hours account suspended on free hosting


I would like to ask what would be the best tips to avoid infinityfree account suspended for 24 hours.
As infinityfree states that we have free unlimited bandwith it is not so true… there are limits…

So, for a wordpress website what would be the best tip to keep the website up most of the time…

i have cloudfare setup, and wp rocket on my wordpress… what would be the best tips to avoid supension.

please write below your experience and tips on this…

thank you

Bandwidth is different from hardware and nodes!

Have you ever seen the reason for your suspension as reached bandwidth limit!???

Bandwidth is unlimited as mentioned in infinityfree!
But limits are 50000visits/day!
And if u use more plugins that also for the reason for your suspension! Many plugins may be keeps running background which leads to reach I/O limits!

If u you want to ignore this limit then better avoid wordpress and go for static pages!
Many people are recommended the Publii for static page!

Finally simple words to say the reason for suspension is in most cases due to the wordpress having large number of plugins or single plugin which use more hardware quota!

:heavy_check_mark: Use Cloudflare
2. Use as least number plugins as possible, and DONT use Jetpack or backup plugins
3. Do not use the auto-update feature for anything.
4. When you open the Admin Panel on your site, wait ~10 minutes before you edit anything. This allows background tasks to end so you don’t run a limit.
5. Set up a cron job to load the homepage of your site (1hr and 2min seams to be lucky at the time).
6. Back up your site every time a large change is made (Both files with FTP and Databases via PHPMyAdmin). This is more like an anger prevention tip, but I consider it important.
7. If you don’t need WordPress, Don’t use it! Self-coding, scripts like OpenCart/ZenCart, or static builders like Mobirise or Publii are better!

Thanks for the answer…

I am usign Cloudfare integrated with WP Rocket Plugin…
I do not Have Jetpack , but i have All in One WP Migration that i used before to import… but now it is just deactivated… it is ok to leave it installed but not active ?

I do not have any auto-update feature on plugins… all are deactivated.

My plugins are: Elementor; Elementor Pro; Custom Icons for Elementor; Elements Kit Lite; Jet Elements for Elementor; Polylang; Polylang conector for Elementor. Mostly of this extra plugins are only to use 1 widget or 1 setting.

How to Set up a cron job to load the homepage of your site (1hr and 2min seams to be lucky at the time). ??

In the control panel, look for the tab (close to the bottom) called “Cron Jobs”.

Yes. If you don’t plan to use it, just delete it (I don’t know what (if anything) WP does with deactivated plugins.

A web server can’t give unlimited resources, there is a limit to everything.
By ‘unlimited’, it means the maximum resources that the server has.

Ironically, experience has shown me that using Cloudflare may actually be harmful to CPU usage due to bot traffic. It saves you a bit in hits and bandwidth, but people generally don’t hit those limits that often.

But besides that, most recommendations here are good: don’t use backup plugins and don’t run more complicated software than you need to.

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