?i=i Problem with removing?

So this is in reference to: “what is the ?i=1… ?”. I found a sort of fix here: “How to disable “?i=1” parameter in URL”.

To summarize, the host adding the ?i=1 is a security feature. The second url is instructions on modifying the .htaccess to automatically remove that.
My question is, will there be any issues with this? I have it implemented and haven seen any issues yet. Will this be a problem?

I would think that code would create an endless redirect, resulting in an error.

Try this instead, it’s guaranteed to work.


I don’t see anywhere in on that page where it mentions the “?i=” addition that infinityfree adds. Also, I did mention that the solution I mentioned does work just fine. No bad redirects it seems.

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Huh. Glad it works!

The guide just tells you how to set up Cloudflare, not everything that Cloudflare will do for you. If you follow the guide, Cloudflare will serve your site’s files, not InfinityFree, so the js file will not be sent.

I suppose the other issue is I’m already using another site for my domain.

This is the problem

That’s a good point and something I can keep in mind. Maybe modify it so I can create a whitelist or something to allow what I choose.

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@Greenreader9 suggestion will be a better idea

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Web sitelerini kötü amaçlı botlara karşı korumak için sistemimizin gerekli bir parçası halindedir. Sorun yaratmadiğı için url adresinizden değişim yapmaz.

translated by the moderator
It is a necessary part of our system to protect websites against malicious bots. Since it does not cause problems, it does not change your url address.

So in other words the protection that it provides is already done when the htaccess does it’s thing. So I don’t need to worry about it.

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