I have some Questions

I have a few questions; I was analyzing some server functions and noticed that HTTP/2 is not compatible with the server, is that correct? And I would appreciate some tips if possible. I’ve noticed a significant decline in the performance of my website lately; I paused some cron jobs that couldn’t be deleted, and I deleted others. I realized that it’s taking too long for the PC. I use cache policies, ETag, JS and CSS minification, as well as inline CSS and JS, and file compression using gzip, and images in WebP format.

Website: https://nasatechtechdrive.rf.gd

I’m afraid you are mistaken. The server has supported HTTP/2 for awhile now.

InfinityFree has not offered or supported cron jobs for some time now, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. In fact any method you could use to run commands, including the PHP functions that would normally let you do so are disabled here.


Hmmm, I understand but I took a look at http/2 pro and it confirmed that the server was not supported, it could be some script as in the case of Security headers

As for Cron Jobs, I had already been notified that they had been disabled, but following a recommendation from an Admin to reduce the server load, he recommended me to delete these scheduled tasks, thank you very much in advance, your help was valuable

The tool you used was probably blocked by this:

That system may return with a different HTTP version.

And yes, there are no more cron jobs, so I’m not even sure where you would ‘delete’ these from as the option does not even exist anymore.


Regarding the Cron Jobs issue, I used a plugin to delete certain tasks. However, concerning HTTP/2, I didn’t quite understand because I made changes in the .htaccess, but it still shows as HTTP/1.1.
This is the Code Right?

Protocols h2 http/1.1

I was checking, and even without caching, it shows that it was done via HTTP/1.1.

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I attempted to force the use of HTTP/2 in the .htaccess file without success. I checked in a file I created called info.php, but at this exact moment, I deleted it. However, it wasn’t providing any information about HTTP/2.

Actually, HTTP/2 was disabled some time ago. We were seeing issues where pages with a large number of assets (like image galleries) resulted in a substantial part of those files not being loaded successfully. Also, when disabling HTTP/2, we actually saw a substantial performance increase on sites that used HTTPS.

And no, you cannot enable HTTP/2 with .htaccess codes.

If you want to know more about how that went, please see this topic: After installing free SSL certificate from Control panel, website not loading fully

When I check the loading time graph of your site, I see that the overwhelmingly large part of the page load time is taken up by the WordPress PHP code executing:

If so, things like minifaction, compression, inlining provide a marginal benefit at best, and dramatically slow down your site at worst (if these “optimizations” are done on the fly with PHP code).


Now I understand the reason for him not accepting HTTP/2. I had seen in a previous topic that they were adding code to the .htaccess file to enable the use of HTTP/1.1 in browsers that do not support the higher version, along with some alterations to the .htaccess file. Thank you very much. I will check the WordPress issue because it’s only slow on desktop computers. Thanks for your help. I will make some changes. Have a great day!

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