I have a problem with connect to mysql database

epiz_31097322 (Website for qusa.cf)

i have a problem with connect to mysql database

I tried to connect to mysql, but I get an access error. I rechecked the connection data several times, the error did not go away

“It does not work” is not useful to help us help you. Please provide the code you are using (Hide the password), as well as the exact error message.



before using the server , I decided to check it on this site MySQL Connection Test / as a result, I was given an access error every time

User = epiz_31097322
Password = ********
Database = epiz_31097322_osu
Server = sql108.epizy.com
Port = 3306

Yes, external services will always give an error, because of a security system. Please check the connection on your InfinityFree hosted site, not an external one.


so I can’t use the host for external servers??

No. You cannot connect to an InfinityFree database from outside InfinityFree. InfinityFree is mean to host websites, not databases.


ok. thank you for support


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