I can't see my thumbnail review on facebook whenever I share website URL on facebook


(I can’t see my thumbnail review on facebook whenever I share website URL on facebook.)

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Open Graph won’t work on other websites (like Facebook) because of this security system:

Since you have a custom domain, you can configure Cloudflare on your website to bypass the security system and for Open Graph tags to show up on other websites.


Thank you, will my web hosting service still be available after switching DNS to Cloudflare

It will; just make sure the records for @ and www are pointing to the website IP you can find in the Client Area, which is also a step in this guide:


Thank you so much


Another one so how can I disable the current SSL certificate provided by Infinity free


There’s no need in disabling the old cert ---- The old cert become inactive as soon as your new cert was installed and active. That is, you can have multiple certs while install one only.


Add on to @Frank419 , it is actually recommend to have an SSL Certificate installed on InfinityFree to ensure secure communication between Cloudflare and InfinityFree


Okay but it’s still not showing the open graph on my socials

You’ll have to enable the Cloudflare proxy on the DNS records that serve the website (so change the grey cloud to orange on @ and www), then set the SSL option to “Full” always on the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain. But for now seems like the IP your website is on is down for me, so this change will work when the server will be back online.

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And what makes the server to be off

Maybe it’s because of some DDoS attack or for some maintenance in that server, but I’m not sure.

EDIT: Now it’s back on again.

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Yess I have done

Still not showing :sob::sob:

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