I can't enter to my admin page

Yes but you are the only one that has help me so far, and i am grateful for that.


Ohh well, Thank you so much! :heart:

We’re sorry for any issue that you are facing right now and for the others.

But for now, we really just need to wait for Admin to comeback with the fixed-surprise!


i cant enter my wordpress dashboard it is telling that page isnt working please help me

I’m fairly new here. I deleted my other channel due to I messed with the options and let it go screwed. I had to make a new one as a fresh start. I’m just a regular like you so I don’t know. I would cask the Admins or someone who’s an expect at this

Screenshot please?

@installation @jgwentworthcommercia

I think it is due to this, cause mine is working:

katufo you have helped me so much and now i have another issue can you help me Redirecting to ifastnet thats the link i think you a lot about this so i think you can help me, help asap please.

Your domain has been suspended or you remove your domain from an “Addon Domain”

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