I can't enter to my admin page

Hi i created a web ricardodp.epizy.com and everything was working but i installed a plugin and tried to activate it and after that it showed this “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” The main problem is that i don’t remember what email i put when i created the web, i mean istalled wordpress in softaculous, and i can’t recover my web, is there any way you can change the email because i think that the email is something like this [email protected] think i don’t know and access to that email, so please can you help me fixing this problem.

Hello there,

Please refer to this Knowledge Base article if you haven’t already:


hi i tried to access to my admin, this is other web totally diferent ricardo3.epizy.com
i created the web like a weeks ago i never used and now that i try to access to softaculous in the cpanel shows this: “Something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry” what is wrong? the same message showed up on both cpanel accounts. like what is the problem??? i can’t access to any account, can anyone help me, im tired, recently i am having a lot of trouble using infinityfree.net

There’s a known issue when using Softaculous and you’re not the only one who face this issue. Please wait for Admin to review and or fix the known issue.

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You can manually change this by reinstalling wordpress or by changing it using phpmyadmin.


hey, I’m still learning g. yesterday I change my template on my blogger. I got a new template but there’s no words of “my blog” “new” and “customize” on top so I’m unable to upload on that blog let alone get on my dashboard to change template back. please help me

So you also have the same issue with softaculous?

Yes, I couldn’t access it, the softaculous.

ok i wonder what the hell are they doing because i think it’s been 2 or 3 days since this started

I don’t know if this would make you angry or not, but can I know what your website is? Can you pass me the link? hehe I’m curious I want to know new websites.

My website is still under construction (https://anatakuso.ml) and its using wordpress cms. And I’m planning to change it into an html static website.

and what is the web about? because as i can see the website is still under construction.

It was all about Online Free Tools such as Sitemap maker, Whois Lookup, Minifier/Maxifier etc.

Web Tools and SEO Tools.


this happened to me i took backup of htdocs in my pc and deleted all the plugins and cleared cache of my browser and after that i can access my dashboard.

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i have another issue today i could access to the admin page BUT when i try to upload a theme (that i have installed before in other webs and is the same file .zip) i get an error “Abort class-pclzip.php : Missing zlib extensions” do you know how i can solve this?

Its an issue, its temporary, its not permanent:


Thank you, i don’t know how do you know a lot of thing but thanks because you have solved all the issues <3

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Hey, I don’t know if this bothers you, but wouldn’t it be a lot to ask if you let me know when they solve this problem?

We, all, staffs, admin, moderators, regulars, members, basics, help, save and solve the issue, not just me :heart:


Admin will update his newly created topic that I have posted above or will make an announcement, if the issue has been solve or fix. So make sure that you’re also visiting the forum from time to time.

I will also let you know by replying to this topic or by sending you a message.

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