Ifastnet redirectioning

Hi i decided to change my web to another free hosting and i deleted everything, emails, subdomains and the domain in cpanel and i how i can say it like created an account with the domain in the other hosting and when installing wordpress and trying to access the admin page it redirects to ifastnet this is the link that they redirect me http://suspendeddomain.org/m/ if you don’t believe me try going to my web without the https and without www and you will see it redirects to ifastnet this is my web:
please help i don’t if this a infinityfree problem but i think so because this also happens to with my other web ricardodp.ml like when i delete a web form infinityfree it redirects the web to ifastnet please help asap

Try to read this


Thank you you solved my issue

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Now i doesn’t redirects me to suspendeddomainm.org it redirects me to an error page to be more especific a 404 error that its also connected to ifastnet so i wanted to ask is the 404 the same as suspendeddomain.org?

Is not available

suspendeddomain.org is owned by ifastnet

i know is suspendeddomain.org i am sorry but I misspelled the domain


Maybe you have remove the InfinityFree nameservers or you remove it as an Addon domain.

It seems to be working now, and Katufo, If you get the issue it is most likely a dns server issue

My web still shows a 404 error page can anyone help me it’s almost a day and still with the 404 error

What host are you using?

This shows eshost.com.ar? And i refreshed cache multiple times.

Yeah but i am posting this issue here because i don’t know how to contact them

Ok, Well nothing seems to have gone wrong, However you do need to downgrade to PHP 5.3 (If it’s available) As i know it isn’t in 7.1

Ok I’ll do that

I don’t have the version 5.3 i only have from 5.4 to 7.x

Maybe that’s a good reason to move your website back to us then? This is the InfinityFree forum, not the “independent free hosting which for people who have used or are considering to use InfinityFree at some point but may not be using InfinityFree now” forum.

And if your current hosting provider doesn’t offer a method to get help, then that would be a good reason to abandon them.

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The main reason why it changed me was that you suspend my website from time to time, for example today you deactivate the account tomorrow at 2:10 it is reactivated and then at 2:20 you suspend it again and that does not happen in the other hosting for now so I like the other hosting. And by the way it does not seem to me that the admin (I do not know if you are the real admin) speaks like that hehe but well there you have my answer. And so that you don’t say “it is that you used the account after they reactivated it” because I tell you that I didn’t even touch it, I just opened the panel and it was already suspended again.

And they offer help, they have a forum but i haven’t figured out how make a post

Just to let you know, their hosting is very similar to ours and will have the exact same limits. If your website with them didn’t get suspended, that’s most likely caused by a difference in the website setup or the traffic it receives. If it doesn’t, you could always create another hosting account with us and move your website and domain to it, in case something is wrong with the initial account.


Ok, can you explain to me why 5 websites are suspended at the same time, that is, the only website that I am using is ricardodp.com and I think that ricardodp.com account was more likely because lately it receives more traffic and things like that, but not The other 4 websites are not known to anyone and they also have no content, I created them for this reason because you feel like suspending websites whenever you want, that’s why I created the other websites / accounts and it turns out that they suspend all of them, ALL! In other words, so that they understand better I created the other 4 websites to have them as a backup if another website was suspended, I never used them because I did not need them, I only used ricardodp.com because it is my main website, and 20 minutes ago I received 5 emails at the same time saying that my 5 websites were suspended for abuse or something and I really don’t believe them because they are telling me that all my websites were suspended for the same reason, I don’t know but this is suspicious I think they did it for revenge , because I switched to another hosting.