I cant download woocomerce

I cant instal woocomerce

Woocommerce is a plugin more than 10MB. I’m assuming this is the error you get, but you need to be more specific next time: Installation failed: There has been a critical error on your website

If I’m right, then you have to upload it manually using an FTP client like Filezilla. Also remember to upload it bit by bit and not the whole thing at once.

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Ok so i have another thing i made a domain in freenome how to put it in my epizy?

You must choose:

  • If you don’t care about your current main domain,you can just add the domain to your current hosting account via Addon Domain menu on your CPanel.
    Main domain will be assigned to main htdocs folder on File Manager menu.
    For example,your current main domain is example.epizy.com,then you add other domain example.com.
    example.epizy.com files will be inside main htdocs folder.
    example.com files will be inside example.com/htdocs/ folder.
    You can’t change your main domain.
  • If you care about your main domain or you don’t want to use your old domain anymore,you can just make new account hosting on your Client Area menu. Then register it with your new domain.
    That domain will become your main domain on that hosting account.

Before adding your new domain to your hosting account,make sure to change your domain nameserver first:

After your new domain successfully be added to your hosting account,you may change your domain nameserver to other nameserver (for example Cloudflare nameserver),then manage your DNS on that nameserver service.

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When installing Woocommerce

Add your own custom domain from freenom into infinityfree

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How to change my epizy domain to ml

Someone must split this topic:


  1. Go to Freenom and register your .ml domain if you haven’t.
  2. Go to vpanel for your old domain and add your new domain to the section called ‘parked domains’.

I upload woocomerce zip file but it is disappeared

What to do now

What happen to infinity free i can’t instal woocommerce or extraxt file?

Hello there,

Could you explain more regarding your issue?

Yes please i downloaded the zip file for woocommerce but when i need to extract it it nothing happen still need to extract why

You need to extract the zip file on your computer and upload the extracted folder to htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ with a FTP client like FileZilla and not the File Manager. Also, I moved your posts to this topic; let’s continue the discussion there without opening any further topics about that.


you mean to upload file by filezela but how

Download Filezilla, get your FTP details from the client area. Enter them on Filezilla and then go to htdocs/wp-content/plugins as @Ergastolator1 said and upload Woocommerce.

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He want host name i need to use my domain name or infinityfree

Sorry, I didn’t get the question. Could you explain it again? And who is ‘he’?

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