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suspended domain and 403 forbidden before that error
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I just checked your site and it seems to be working fine now.

I did see that you removed the domain and added it again shortly before posting this. Note that removing a domain may also result in a “suspended” page, even while the hosting account it used to be on is active.

Please also make sure you have a valid index file uploaded to your htdocs directory. That’s a file with the name index.php, index.html or index.htm. If you don’t have such a file, or if it’s not in the right location, you will see a 403 error.


How do I reset my site so that everythink works correctly. I have uploaded another file manager in my site but when I try to access the url, it says 404 error page not found. I am not pro. I just want to go back to previous default state

Are you sure you are uploading to the correct location? If you deleted your domain and added it back again, you’ll have to upload to somewhere different. You can find the correct path at Client Area > Accounts > if0_xxxxxx > Domains.
Are you sure the case of the file name is correct? Our servers are case sensitive, so this also matters.

Sadly, there’s no button called “Reset All” here. There’s no way to fully restore to the original state if the first ever domain in your account was deleted and added back again. The reason has been mentioned above.


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