I Cannot Connect My Database For Login Forms

Hi I’ve Been Tested my website in XAMPP before I put it in http://valorantlfg.rf.gd/
But when i try using Infinityfree database it get me into this.

I used XAMPP to test it out.
But when I use XAMPP phpMyAdmin Database its actually fine.
Anyone know how to Solve It?

connection php:

$dbhost = "sql306.epizy.com";

$dbuser = "epiz_29705176";

$dbpass = "uszZWW4FypnNcl";

$dbname = "login_sample_db";

if(!$con = mysqli_connect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpass,$dbname))


    die("failed to connect!");


@AllMateds, external connections are not allowed (blocked) on free hosting Read this:

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I didn’t used a program for mysql besides I used PHP script for this.

Only browsers can access your website!

Our database servers are not accessible from the internet. That means you can only connect to it using PHP code on your hosting account, or by using our phpMyAdmin installation.

So the PHP code running on your local XAMPP server cannot access our database.

Also, NEVER EVER EVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD ON A PUBLIC FORUM. I reset your password now. Feel free to change it if you want, but do not use this password again. And check your account for any intrusions.

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