I can’t see my website

My website URL is:

I can’t see my website. Please Help me if you got yours working…

You need to remove the domain and re-add it on the Control Panel. Doing so it should push the new changes to the network, and changes could take up to 24-72 hours to propagate.

I have re-configured the domain twice still its the same. Can’t view my website its redirecting to some ads website/page.

The records for your domain are pointing to 11776.BODIS.com using a CNAME record. I would suggest you to remove them or point the domain to these nameservers, removing the epizy ones, that are causing the problem:
Then wait 24 hours to the changes to propagate and remove and re-add the domain to your account via the Control Panel.

Ok Thanks, Will Try and Check.

I just got in my Who.is Database:

earchives.co.in CNAME 21599 11776.bodis.com

According to this forum its a default parking of subdomains. I have one subdomain but its not configured now. Thats the reason we can see this there.

forum : Unwanted parking - #4 by Admin

I am migrating my hosting to another service provider. I can’t view my website his never works. Support is not good.

I moved your post to a separate topic. Please don’t hijack someone else’s topic with your own, mostly unrelated question.

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