I can’t get Google to crawl site

I am quite skilled on how to create a site and how to notify it to Google, pleasing it often. I recently created and uploaded a Joomla site on your free platform, associating it with an epizy.com domain with https certificate (how tricky its creation was huuh)

Well, I can’t get Google to crawl that site. Despite having completed and verified all the steps (property association, sitemap, robots.txt, no noindex directive, etc.) the Search Console keeps telling me "URL is unknown on Google. This page is not in the index, but not because of an error. "

Even more curiously, also the online sitemap’s generators can’t crawl the website: only its root is seen by the latter. And in fact I had to create the sitemap with an internal Joomla tool, because all external crawlers fail.

It seems that the servers or the configuration of the epizy.com domains prevent any external crawling action. Are you aware of having such a kind of issue?

Thank you

This is true. It is put in place to prevent abuse.


Thank you, it’s clear now.

Anyway this also prevents any possibility to be crawled and indexed from search engines, and it makes drop the usefulness of this commendable service at minimal, if any, levels.

At least the spiders of the most well-known search engines should be allowed to crawl.

That’s true. They are allowed.

I use Google Search console and analytics as well as Microsoft Clarity and Bing Webmaster tools and they work just fine. A sneaky way to bypass this is a custom domain and Cloudflare A Full Guide To Cloudflare. Best part is it works most of the time and with different crawlers and http agents, like curl.


Right, they cannot be used. You might wanna use a freenom tkdomain (eg. .ml , .ga) until you are serious regarding your branding.

If so, why does Google do nothing on the pages of my site? All the URLs in sitemap have been acquired but after 15 days I still read Excluded - Discovered, currently not indexed

Anyway thank you, I will try it with Cloudflare, even if I am pretty hopeless since at point 2:

  1. Cloudflare CANNOT be used on free subdomains from InfinityFree

It’s not that you’re getting confused with iFastNet Premium Hosting?

What does that mean?

A possible reason might be that Google gives less priority for free subdomains. And more to those root domains


Please let us know which address (URL/domain) you are talking about


I am not, I’m sure. I use InfinityFree and I have Cloudflare with my Freenom domain and all is in order. I can cURL the site, but get a HTTP 403.

This is true. Google prefers paid and professional domains.

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iFastNet is their commercial/paid hosting plan, that could/should work with Cloudshare, while InfinityFree, the free plan, seems to be clearly excluded.

No, free subdomains cannot be used on cloudflare. If you’re paying for paid hosting why not get a domain too? PS. it is free with one of their plans!

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Thanks, it could have a logic. In that case it would just be a matter of waiting long enough. Who knows. Because no online sitemap generator seems able to scan the site as well.

So you have a sitemap? First please share a URL. So we can find the issue without fuzz.

Here it is: https://luigigiarnera.epizy.com/


LOL, there is no sitemap. Maybe try yourself:

Sitemap generators and fetchers cannot access your sitemap because of this:

@jaikrishna.t, OP already knows how to make a sitemap.


Yes there is, it contains 25 URLs, all valid in Search Console but all excluded/not indexed by Google crawler.

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Patience is advised if so.

Google is not blocked as can be seen here


I also see you have robots.txt

can you give me the exact URL of your sitemap file?