Https shows wrong issuer?

I just followed this guide again ( How to setup Full SSL with Cloudflare ) for my new domain but its showing secured by lets encrypt ? on my it shows cloudflare

any ideas ?

I have one site like that.

it doesn’t really matter who the issuer is, so long as the site is actually secure.


Interesting, it seems that Cloudflare is using Let’s Encrypt as well.

It’s interesting that their certificates are signed by the “E1” intermediary, instead of the “R3” intermediary that everyone else uses. And according to Let’s Encrypt, the E1 intermediary is only available to select accounts, which I presume includes Cloudflare (but not InfinityFree).


I created another and this time the issuer is google !!!

I got 3 domains setup with ssl on cloudflare and each has a different certificate issuer

ok cloudflare is weird but very cool :sunglasses:

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