i am new and trying to setup my website and my domain keeps redirecting to this error
Can anyone help me out?

What is your website URL?


For me, your domain is not found.

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It was working and i tried to install Wordpress theme and boom this happens.
any solution?

I found this while searching for solution…Active domains redirecting to / Login Issues

That issue is quite old and was solved long ago. There is certainly the possibility of another downtime. If it is a downtime, and you are not suspended, all you can do is wait. Sorry!

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LOL! Found the error it was infinityfree site builder. I was trying to install theme from site builder, now I just deleted that and everything is working.
BTW thanks for your response.

Glad you figured it out! You can mark this topic as Solved if you wish.

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As you can see by the yellow banner in the client area: it can take up to 72 hours for new sites to be visible everywhere.

You really don’t need to dig into outages that happened over a year ago to find the answer, when this is displayed on your account:


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