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I am getting error message “This page cannot be displayed” http error 500
also how can i access the server to see the error logs? the site is hosted on

kindly assist please.

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error message is “This page isn’t working”

Looks like your nameservers are not set up correctly.

We don’t record PHP error messages for you, but you can have them printed on your site for debugging purposes.


when i type the URL it immediately gives error

It looks like your domain is having some DNS issues. Please remove the domain from your account (NOT the files or databases), and add it back again. Wait a few hours and the issue should be fixed.

pls guide how to remove domain from account.

Just remove from here



it is showing me this

Click delete

ok domain is deleted now…
kindly assist how to add?

i was able to add,
now lets wait and see if the site is working again.

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Working now.

Just need to use filezilla to move contents from /htdocs to your_domain/htdocs

Yes, that’s the point. If you followed the instructions I linked to, it will show you an error message, which provides information as to what is wrong and a starting point for fixing it.

Once you have the error, you can try Googling it and see what solutions other people have shared. If you’re unable to solve the problem that way, please share the error message here so we can try to help you.

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i had already used filezilla and uploaded all the content from back to htdoc server directory… do u thing the sync is taking time… due to which site and even admin portal is not working


i can also see the difference in the now screenshot

can you advise pls.

See below


you only have this empty dir


please upload again


ok let me try uploading again

no idea why it is showing empty folder whereas all the files are available on server.

anything else i have to try? pls assist