Http error 500

see the image of main folder, all the files are on server. but still site is showing no files.

I guess i found the issue,
find the attached image
there is one new directory created on server techxperts me and inside that htdoc folder is created… so now i am uploading the files there… lets see if that will help…


Yes, it was said that is where you need to upload the files about 14 hours ago.


Thank you, the site is back online.
But i couldn’t understand WHY was new directory created on the server and uploaded files didn’t work from the root location of htdoc?
How we can change the directory path on server for such issues?
Also, as the hosting is on infinityfree can we also access the server where it is hosted?

Regards & Good Day!

The root htdocs if for the original domain (Which you removed). Any other addon or sub-domain added after that gets it’s own folder.


Thank you for the update.
in this case now everything will be new directory - right?
however, i removed all the content from htdoc root directory and now i am getting this error

Isn’t it now only take all the content from new directory?

Kindly assist,


Delete the WP-Super cache folder (In /wp-content/plugins). After that, reinstall the plugin in the admin area.


@Greenreader9 Thank you, it worked. Appreciate your support.


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