HTTP ERROR 500, Elementor doesn't have a default kit, ALL in one WP Migration unable to export

Elementor plugin in Wordpress :

error: Your site doesn’t have a default kit, Seems like your kit was deleted, please create new one or try restore it from trash.

WP File Manager plugin in Wordpress :

error: Invalid backend response.
Error occurred on the server side.
HTTP error 500

All in one WP Migration in WordPree :

error: Unable to export

Unable to start the export. Refresh the page and try again

I have been use all the way to fix this problem, for example Clear WordPress and Browser Cache, Checking for Corrupt .htaccess File, Increasing the PHP Memory Limit, Deactivate All WordPress Plugins, But these way are not working, So I think just only infinityfreee hosting side can fixed it, Please help me!

Hi, welcome to the forum. If you log in to your InfinityFree account and go to Accounts, under “Account Details”, what is your hosting volume (e.g. vol2_4) and web IP (e.g.

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I’m just asking so that Admin or InfinityFree employees can use the info to troubleshoot your issue.

I have never used Elementor but, I’ve read here that it is very heavy on server resources. It could possibly cause you to go over your limits for free accounts.

Have you used this plugin on InfinityFree before? Or are you just setting it up for the first time now?

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That is my first time.

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I think that you will have trouble with Elementor on free servers. It may cause you to exceed the limits for free sites (e.g. RAM or CPU usage or inode limits). I would recommend that you just use WordPress without Elementor.

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Thanks, But I don’t know coding, So I just want to use a tool to establish my Web.

I recommend just using the default editor that comes pre-installed with WordPress.


I believe all file managers will stop working with PHP 8.2 upgrade.
All zip/unzip functions are blocked as well. Your best solution will be to use ftp like Filezilla.

A lot of WP plugins will be affected as well. You will see 500 error as a result


But I am not good at control WordPress default web editor, So I want to use so tool like Elementor, are there have any alternative tools?

So you mean I need to uninstall PHP 8.2 ? and use what version instead of it?

You cannot do that. This is what is available on free hosting


So what should I do to fixed all of it, thanks for your help.

Your best solution will be to use ftp like Filezilla.

But use Filezilla to do what?

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He’s just saying if you need file management functionality in WordPress you might be better off using an FTP app.

WordPress can be managed visually using the admin console. You can create pages, posts, blocks, manage images, etc. using the default WordPress admin tools. You don’t need Elementor or other plugins to manage a WordPress site. They are bloated, and use lots of resources. It will cause problems with going over the limits on free web sites.


Hi leonchan,

You need to have a background of what is happening on your website before seeking a solution.

From what you have described, you are experiencing multiple issues, including reaching I/O limits and network throttling. As you’re not familiar with each plugin’s methodology, you should avoid relying on plugins that are coded for premium hostings. Free hostings have lower limits and you need some techniques to go past those.

For Elementor, it is a viable way of editing sites here on InfinityFree, as long as you do not attempt to install any 3rd party block-providing plugins and do not use the premium version of Elementor. Each time you attempt to edit the website, Elementor attempts to poll available blocks from your entire plugin list and render the editing UI per edit occasion, which is far from efficient and you’ll experience very long loading times if the server is currently busy. Try performing only one operation at a time and you should be able to stay below the limits.

As for All in one WP migration, it simply won’t work here due to the way it requires set_time_limit() which is disabled here on InfinityFree. The plugin will loop through the website folder recursively and then package everything into a single file. Assuming the plugin actually gathered the file list, everything larger than 10MB is automatically deleted on the website, so unless your backup is <10MB you won’t get that file and the process fails. The proper way to get things backed up is to download a database export from your client area > phpmyadmin > export and by downloading all files via FTP.

As your previous operations already exceeded multiple limits, it’s likely your account is being timed-out and certain requests are blocked to preserve resources for others. For all functionalities that do not require a page load, it’s an AJAX (a way for web applications to get data). Each AJAX is considered a request to the server, if such requests take up too many resources, they’ll also get 5XX error codes. This is the case for your file manager, which you wouldn’t need in normal case. A rule of thumb is never to attempt to do backup / large file operations using the web interface, always use FTP instead.

Your hosting volume is not relevant to the issue, the limit is hosting-wide. Unless they increase that you cannot do such large operations via a plugin.


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