HTTP ERROR 500, Elementor doesn't have a default kit, ALL in one WP Migration unable to export

Hi solace-ken,

Elementor works just fine, it’s the images that are larger than 300KB load a bit longer, which I’m going to replace anyways.

Surprisingly export also works, which I didn’t expect it to…


It’s not the initial launch for elementor that’s the problem. After a few days of nobody visiting the website (which is very common for sites here), the cron task gets overloaded by whatever the heck elementor wants to do in the background, and the entire sites takes forever to load / crashes / gets suspended. Also, the more customization you do with elementor the worse it gets. Last time I checked, free hosting does not even meet the minimum system requirements for elementor.


Hi Greenreader9,

Regarding Elementor crons, which I agree what the heck they’re trying to do anyways, simply setup as follows:

Elementor > General

Elementor > Advanced

Elementor > Experiments

Elementor (and other plugins) collects a lot of usage data, just turn those off and the good ones won’t keep on creating cron jobs. Supposingly wp-cron only happens when someone visits the site, as native crons are disabled here.



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