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My website was working flawlessly a few hours ago. I updated it on around 10 September, last checked it this morning. It was working very well. But now if I visit it, I get:
I am sorry for bothering, but is it because of this?

I am not on premium hosting. From 10 Sept to this date, I haven’t made any changes to the site, so I am fairly certain this isn’t a mistake on my side.
Thank you very much for your service.

Enable error logs and reload


So I did as told and now I get this:


502 Bad Gateway - nginx

Any idea why?

I can see the errors; probably the server needed to heat up on your side.

Seems like there is a problem with name resolution for the database servers, as there is no record for almost any of them on InfinityFree’s domain. It used to work before that because for name resolutions they used to use Byet’s DNS servers; can you try to use as host instead and see if it works?

For any others having this issue: replace 305 with the database server number.

EDIT: If anyone else is having that issue, that is also explained in this outage topic:


Just checked again and there is definitely this error:

mysqli::__construct(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo for failed: Name or service not known in **/home/vol11_1/** on line **16**

Considering the fact that code is unchanged since weeks and the errors randomly keep changing on their own, I would assume this is part of server upgrade. Will wait a day or two. Since there is absolutely nothing wrong on my side.

I would love to try but FTP isn’t working either.

Does the file manager work? It’s up for me…

Can you share the full debug logs?


I tried connecting via FileZilla and it said,

Unable to connect
And other error messages

To collect logs for you, I tried to reconnect and it worked this time, weird.
Anyways, I updated the code and it works when using
So is it the official server name instead of or is it a cheap temporary workaround?
Which one to consider now? And why it suddenly changed?

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For now it’s a workaround, waiting for Admin to apply the SQL server IPs on the domain.


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