HTTP 500 Error

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Account: epiz_34182316

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Internal Server Error 500

No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel)): The subprocess reported error number 122 when it ended.

cpsrvd/ Server at

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HTTP 500 error when accessing Softaculous Apps Installer

Thank you

I have checked your account, and it seems to me that you have exceeded the inode limit of your account.

If you check for yourself, you can see that Softaculous doesn’t work, but that creating or uploading files through the file manager and FTP don’t work either. The file manager doesn’t tell very well why, but FileZilla does, saying:

553 Can’t open that file: Disk quota exceeded

As you can see in this article, this either means that you have too much data stored (in GB) or too many inodes.

A quick look at the directories tells me that you have two big applications already installed. Depending on how many files those sites includes, that may already be too much. If you’re evaluating different software options, please consider not installing multiple packages at the same time.

My recommendation is to just delete the files of one of the two scripts you have installed. That should reduce your inode usage so you can use Softaculous again.


Hi, I faced this error when I tried hosting for the first time. But thanks to their support fix my error in 24 hours. Keep using.

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